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A1-GSECI Homepage

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                 Welcome to Curriculum and Instruction classes.




Our teachers make

 a positive difference

in every child's life!

Outstanding teachers are strong in subject matter, expert in instructional decision-making and practices, and committed to educational excellence in the service of fair and humane schools and society.




This PBWorks wiki provides support for instruction in the courses identified here and creates opportunities for shared learning. Select the relevant course folder to access its program files.




CI 413/513
Instruction and Technology 






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This course uses a WIKI to build a knowledge base around instructional design, collaborate on projects, and post reflections and provide suggestions at the intersection of design and learning. Because a wiki is interactive, class members can link personal educator wikis and/or edit course pages as well as share new, exciting lesson ideas*.


Need some tips to get started? Visit the GSECI Wiki Help page.


When you want more detailed wikispace help or wish to explore the many options PBworks offers, visit one of the helpful websites that follows:


 The PBworks User Manual with step by step instructions


Videos on PBworks Features


    • help link at upper right of this page


Here are important tips and best practices in using wikispaces.



Image by FlamingText.com


The best way to get your class questions answered is to select Meebo Chat on this page. Check your class folder to see available online chat times. I will respond to you in a timely manner. :-)







Portland State University          

Graduate School of Education     






*Note that this is a public wiki hosted by Portland State University and PBworks. The content of this wiki is viewable to anyone, but only PSU class members can add/edit pages.


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